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Battered Women & Protective Services

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Free Services

Massachusetts Marlborough   The Women's Health Center, Marlborough Hospital
57 Union Street, Marlborough, MA 01752,
English: (508) 481-5000 ext. 3488
Portuguese and Spanish: (508) 485-5867
For women 40 & over who are without insurance or undersinsured.  Free physical exams, mammograms, and paps
Para mulheres acima de 40 anos que não tenham seguro de saúde ou com seguro mínimo.   Exames físicos, mamogramas, e papa nicolau, gratuitos.
Para mujeres de 40 años o más, sin seguro médico o con poco seguro médico. Exámenes físicos, mamografías, y paps, gratuitos
       The Support Committee for Battered Women (800) 899-4000
- 24-hour hotline
- Safe home & emergency shelter
- Legal advocacy
- Sexual assault services
- Support groups & Counseling
- Community education
Women's Protective Services (800) 593-1125
      The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual
Assault and Domestic Violence
SafeLink: 1-877-785-2020
(toll-free) Safety and Shelters; SafeLink is the Massachusetts statewide domestic violence hotline and is operated by Casa Myrna Vazquez, Inc. in Boston. SafeLink is answered by trained advocates 24 hours a day in English, Spanish and TTY (1-877-521-2601). It also has the capacity to provide multilingual translation in more than 140 languages.

Breast Cancer

Breast Health Online General breast health information. Special sections for teens, adults, and women of color.
Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade History of Avon Products, Inc.'s efforts with info about how people can get involved.
The Breast Cancer Resource Guide for Mass.  
The Johns Hopkins Breast Center  
The Johns Hopkins Breast Center's Survivors E-zine  
Adelphi New York Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program  


The Obstetrics & Gynecology Network Physician reviewed.  News, articles and chat lines. OB/GYN physician/medical practitioner finder. Spanish and Portuguese versions available.
Water Baby Facts, photos, info about water birthing techniques and  award-winning video produced by Karil Daniels.


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