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REIKI, an Ancient Healing Art Comes Of Age

by Mary Kirby, M.A., LMHC, Reiki Master Teacher

There is an upswell in current interest in complementary therapies, from using magnetic necklaces for headaches to taking echinacea for a cold. Most of these complementary therapies are thousands of years old. We as a culture seem to be returning to our older and simpler roots.

And so it is with Reiki. Reiki is an ancient healing art, thought to originate in Tibet. Reiki is the practice of transferring the universal life energy that exists within and around us, form one person to another. Reiki is used in Japan routinely to cure illnesses - the same illnesses for which one would seek care from a Primary Care Physician in this country.

So what exactly does Reiki do, and why does it work?
If you think of the human body as billions of atoms all tied together by energy fields in constant motion, the role of energy in health becomes obvious. If you take a further step and believe that all life has imbued within it a life force that creates its life-purpose, its consciousness, and its connectedness to the rest of the universe, then energy therapies take another big leap in importance.

What Reiki does is provide a source of energy into the field of a person. The energy balances, harmonizes, clears, and charges that field. Much as the body has a circulatory system that must function well for the body to thrive, the body also has an energy system that must be kept in top condition for optimal spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness to occur.

The energy field of the body is the template for its spiritual and physical wellness. Those that can see energy fields will often notice an aberration in the field before the person actually becomes ill. Reiki helps to clear heavy energy or energy of a lower vibration from the field and bring the vibrational level of the field up to its optimal capacity. This sets the stage for physical illness to heal, for emotional pain to release and heal, and for a stronger connection to one’s spiritual life to occur.
How does it work?
Reiki is transferred by a Reiki practitioner whose energy system has been attuned to the universal life energy around us. This attunement allows the Reiki practitioner to channel energy to a recipient by placing his or her hands gently on or above the body at the points of the key energy centers, called chakras. This energy brings about a state of deep relaxation and peacefulness.

When providing assistance to a recipient for a specific problem, several Reiki sessions may be necessary to clear the energy field (of the pattern within it) that is responsible for the problem.

Reiki energy does exactly what is needed by the recipient. It is considered to be an all knowing energy that will be used by the recipient’s body, which has its own innate knowledge, in exactly the right way for the recipients highest good. In this way, the universal sense of Reiki energy can be understood.

"... all knowing energy ..."
One Misconception
One misconception about Reiki is that it is a kind of religion. While Reiki is a highly spiritual healing art in that it allows for healing energy from a loving universe to be passed on, it has no aspects of a formal religion. Practitioners of Reiki come from many religious backgrounds including Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism.

People are coming from many backgrounds to receive Reiki and to be attuned to Reiki so that they can self-treat and pass on this gentle healing energy to those they love.

I wish you a life of deep joy and wellness.

1999 Mary Kirby
This article provided courtesy of Mary Kirby, former Director of Healing Arts Institute. This is copyright material. For reprint permission, please contact Mary. Mary currently has a therapeutic massage business in Gloucester, MA. Prior to offering therapeutic massage, Mary was a practitioner and taught: Reiki ,Therapeutic Touch, Thought Field Therapy™ and provided guided meditation, growth work counseling, and chakra work to many clients throughout Massachusetts.

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