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So much of this site is consumed with serious subjects and information.  Here's a place where you can start having some light-hearted fun! This page links you to Web sites that have things for sale. The products are not necessarily health-related. Regardless, it's a WIN-WIN for you; whether buying for yourself or for others - you end up feeling better. Enjoy.

Miscellaneous Gift Items
starsml1.gif Nutritional Supplements for Pets - Fraser's Pet Wellness, Inc. offers nutritional supplements for dogs and cats that help restore and maintain the animal's good health. Also, air purification systems that rid the air of harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, pollen, other allergens and odors that may be unpleasant or offensive to you or to your pets.
starsml1.gif (887 bytes) Oh-Toys! - Cuboro™ block sets appropriate for children, architects, and engineers alike. See how it works (video at site).
starsml1.gif (887 bytes) Personalized Kid's Gifts - Image Boosters offers two wooden items, a stool and a coat rack, both personalized with the child's name.
starsml1.gif (887 bytes) SKIP'S Martial Arts - First ever hi-tech performance shoe made specifically for martial arts. Also  - DISCIPLINE Logo tees & caps.
The Miracle of Adoption - cards, tees, and sweatshirts celebrating the momentous events and special people involved in the process.
Good for the Soul - Gifts for persons in crisis and for that odd situation when you know that words will not adequately express your feelings. Make your own gift package. Specialty clothing for women with cancer. A portion of all proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society.

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