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This page is dedicated to YOU helping YOU. It's about behavior. Self-acceptance. Reconnecting with our true selves. Finding balance between the messages of our heart core and the roles and behaviors externally assigned to us.


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Massachusetts Worcester County Doris Worcester, MSW, LICSW, CCBT
Auburn, MA (508) 987-2005
Doris is a Senior Fellow at the Hendricks Institute engaged in advanced training in client and organizational transformation. She is certified by the Institute in Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Conscious Relationship Transformation. She is also a certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist and Level II EMDR practitioner. Ms. Worcester has extensive experience in Behavioral Medicine, Mind/Body treatment and in the treatment of women, adolescents and couples. She has practiced counseling and psychotherapy for over 18 years, has a private practice in Auburn, MA and conducts seminars and workshops in a variety of professional and public settings. 

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