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Dr. Danielle Hanlon
shares her thoughts


One of the most common aliments facing Americans today is a good old-fashioned backache. Each year millions of Americans are faced with episodes of low back pain which in most instances takes them to their doctors office where they are prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants until the episode passes. 
What most people donít understand is the cause of their back pain. In many instances, the source of their underlying discomfort is due to a condition called Facet Syndrome. As we get older, normal degenerative changes occur within our spine. Our discs are like little sponges that lay between our vertebrae when they start to break down they loose water and dry out thus allowing the disc to shrink and loose height. When this occurs, the normal functions of weight bearing and shock absorbing are diminished, leaving that job to Facets.


What are Facets, you may ask yourself? The facet joint is the area in the back of the spine, which allows you to bend forward and backward and their primary function is motion. Each Facet joint is surrounded by a thin envelope called a capsule, within this capsule is a small amount of fluid, this allows the joints to move and glide freely just like grease that is applied to an axle.

Unfortunately, these Facet Joints are not designed to take on the role as weight bearing structures, and often become inflamed and irritated causing that nagging Back Pain. Chiropractic can help by providing effective therapeutic treatment to get to the source of the pain, and prevent it from returning - Naturally.

I hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Danielle Hanlon, D.C.

Dr. Danielle Hanlon maintains a practice in Northboro, MA with her husband. Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00, Sat 8:00-12:00, Weekday evenings by appointment only.  They can be reached by phone at: 508-393-1900 or FAX at: 508-393-2516. The office is conveniently located at 37 South St. (Rte. 135), Northborough, MA

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