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Did You Think Chiropractic Care Was Only for Adults?
Dr. Danielle Hanlon
shares her thoughts

As a mother of three small children age's five, three and nineteen months, I have seen the wonders of regular chiropractic care unfold in my home. From the exact moment that my children came into this world, they have been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. Each baby born today deserves to have a healthy spinal column, it's the framework that will support your child throughout the growing years and into adulthood.

As a matter of personal choice, my husband and I chose not immunize our children.

dnlnbaby.jpg (11470 bytes)
Dr. Danielle Hanlon with her youngest
My oldest son was plagued with chronic ear infections since he was six weeks old, and was treated with chiropractic care and acupuncture. At this time, my son has not had an ear infection since he was eighteen months old. My other two children have never had ear  infections, and have never been placed on antibiotics, and yes, they all attend a day care program three full day's a week.
More and more parents are starting to embrace alternative health care choices, not just
"a child's immune system is compromised by being
placed on repetitive courses of antibiotics"
for themselves, but for their children. Parents are tired of placing their child on dose after dose of "that pink stuff', amoxicillin for that ear infection that keeps coming back. Parents need to know that a child's immune system is compromised by being placed on repetitive courses of antibiotics and are not given proper instruction how to
minimize the affects of the antibiotic by utilizing other
natural products, such as acidophilus or factobacillus to help
replenish the natural flora that is wiped out when a child is taking an antibiotic.
As recent as October, 1998 the Ladies Home Journal published an article titled "Kids and Alternative Practices". Among the list of alternative practitioners, was the use of Chiropractic care to manage chronic ear infections. Regular chiropractic care has shown to help manage many childhood ailments, for newborn colic, asthma, and scoliosis to name a few. More studies have become available providing evidence that chiropractic care and nutrition can greatly benefit children with learning disorders such as attention deficit disorder.

Real Life Results

testbaby.jpg (17636 bytes) Recently, in my own practice, a young mother from Puerto Rico, who had just immigrated to the United States, brought her five month old son to me. He had been diagnosed a little time after birth with gastric reflux disorder. Every time the baby would ingest any type of food or fluid, even water, he would vomit. The baby was loosing weight, and weighed just twelve pounds when I started treating him. Through careful examination, and a series of chiropractic adjustments, the baby went back to his pediatrician one month after the initiation of care and had gained three pounds, four ounces and continues to gain!!
There is a time and a place for medical intervention and drug therapy, however over- utilization of antibiotics and needless surgeries is a concern in the treatment of both adults and children.

It is important to know that there are alternatives that are available to you and your child and you should question your pediatrician. Wouldn't you want to try the least invasive procedure first to see if it could benefit your child?

Proper spinal hygiene is the most important way to ensure that your child can live to his or her fullest potential. Children who have been under regular chiropractic care get sick less often and less severely, and rarely miss days from life NATURALLY!!!!

Dr. Danielle Hanlon maintains a practice in Northboro, MA with her husband. Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00, Sat 8:00-12:00, Weekday evenings by appointment only.  They can be reached by phone at: 508-393-1900 or FAX at: 508-393-2516. The office is conveniently located at 37 South St. (Rte. 135), Northborough, MA

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